Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents In Texas

Most commercial trucking accidents can be prevented if drivers are aware of these common causes.
- Zinda & Davis, PLLC, January 10th, 2013

Published January 10th, 2013

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents In Texas

Every day thousands of injuries occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. However, when the accident involves a commercial truck or other 18-wheeler, the end result is often fatal.

While the National Highway Control has done much to help prevent these types of accidents from occurring, they still do on occasion. This shouldn't be; commercial truck accidents can be avoided. Avoiding accidents with large trucks means knowing the common causes of them. If you know the common causes of commercial truck accidents, you can do your best to avoid making these mistakes. First, most often, it is the driver of the smaller vehicle that is at fault for an accident with a commercial truck. Here are reasons why:

Trucks can't slow down quickly

Large trucks need much more time to decelerate to a stop. If you pull in front of a truck and suddenly stop, there is a good chance that the truck will have to hit you. If you are not absolutely certain that you will stay accelerated at a steady speed when you pull in front of a truck, don't do it. Stay in your lane until it is safe to change.

Turning in front of trucks

Another reason truck accidents occur is because some drivers misjudge the speed at which trucks are traveling. Therefore, they are prone to make a left turn in front of a truck at an intersection, thinking they have enough time to make the turn.

Trucks making right turns

If a truck is about to turn right, sometimes they will need to be in the middle lane to make the clearance. Don't turn into the right lane if you know a truck is trying to make a right turn from the middle lane. This will often cause an accident since that is a blind spot for truck drivers.

Not accelerating fast enough

If you are going to pull out in front of a truck in an intersection, make sure you accelerate quickly. Again, trucks cannot stop as fast as cars. Therefore, it is dangerous if large trucks get cut off at an intersection.

Traveling in blind spots

Never travel too closely to trucks. They can't see that you are behind them. Additionally, don't stay directly in the middle of the side of a truck; that is also a blind zone.


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