Riding a Bike While Under The Influence

Drunk Bicycle Riding
- , January 11th, 2013

Published January 11th, 2013

Riding a Bike While Under The Influence

Although most DWI and DUI cases involve automobiles, it is possible to be charged with a DWI or DUI while riding a bicycle. It is a common misconception that drunk biking is not as dangerous as drunk driving. In Texas not only is riding a bicycle while under the influence dangerous, it is also just as illegal as operating a motor vehicle, and the same laws apply to those who drunk bike as they do to those who drunk drive.

 Many people have their doubts about the amount of damage a biker can cause to others, taking into consideration the difference between a bicycle and automobiles. Nevertheless, states such as Texas recognize that, even presuming a biker will probably only harm themselves by riding their bike while under the influence, an injury to a drunken bicyclist may have an effect on others, particularly the members of their family. Texas treats bicycles the same as any other vehicle on the road, therefore drunken bicyclists face the same possible legal problems as any other drunk driver.

People who ride their bicycle while under the influence of alcohol are not only a danger to themselves, but also to other bike riders and motorists on the road. It is possible that such people could cause bicycle accidents with other bikes on the road or bike paths.  If you, or someone you love, are involved in an accident involving a bicycle have suffered a bike injury, and are looking for help, the attorneys at Zinda & Davis, PLLC have the experience to be of assistance.

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