Newest Bathroom Trends

An overview of the top trends and decor right now when it comes to remodeling a home bathroom.
- , July 17th, 2013

Published July 17th, 2013

Newest Bathroom Trends

The bathroom is the new place of refuge where people go to close out the problems of the day, relax in a peaceful atmosphere and pamper themselves. Home designers and renovators are racing to keep up with new standards that not only meet those requirements but also increase the value of any home. According to Trend Report: Bathrooms, from Elledecor.com, “Today, the bath is decorated with the same care and attention as the rest of the house.” You have music, furniture, textiles, and refrigerators.”

Luxurious Water Options

The shower stall can be the perfect place to unwind after a busy day and that is where many bathroom renovation dc begin. The old-fashioned porcelain covered bathtub is usually the first thing to go. People like to swap them with a super-sized shower stall with a set of hinged glass doors that swing open; giving the feeling of a high-class spa. Some people go so far as to open up the stall by removing the doors altogether. The most popular showerhead is oversized and complete with temperature sensors that rains perfectly heated water. Tubs and Jacuzzis aren’t becoming totally obsolete, but they are taking on a new look as soaking tubs. Instead of the fast whirling sounds of last year’s Jacuzzi, the new trend is to install a tub for taking a long leisurely soak. Steam baths complete with a seat and tightly fitted door are one more way of fitting out the bathroom as a relaxing sanctuary.

Keeping it all Dry

With a room full of water and steam, a ventilation fan of is necessary. The popular ones come with a humidity sensor to switch on automatically when needed. This takes care of steam building up on mirrors as well as protecting the counters and fixtures. To reduce noise generated by the fan, the motor can be hidden away in an attic.

Staying Entertained

Even with all the options available for relaxing in the water, it can become boring. A popular solution is adding a flat screen TV so that while relaxing in the waves you can take in a movie, watch the news or listen to music. Flat screens can be installed behind the mirror so that until they are turned on, no one knows they’re there.

Adding Privacy

No one wants to use the toilet out in the open so many people now make the toilet area private by building a partial wall or by setting it apart in its own room. This could even mean moving the toilet outside of the master bath, which is preferred by many.

Keeping Warm

Finally, after a refreshing shower or soothing soak, people want to stay warm. The trendiest way is by installing radiant heating to the floor. Another new other option is an electronic heat-mat system that can be built into the floor and walls of the shower. All the new trends in bathrooms lead to the goal of “creating a comfortable retreat, “according to Meredith Heron, the principal designer at Meredith Heron Design.”

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