Secret Savings: How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in a Car?

The potential of a modern car is great, and competent actions on the road can significantly save the family budget.
- eAutoLease, June 3rd, 2019

Published June 3rd, 2019

The potential of a modern car is great, and competent actions on the road can significantly save the family budget. For example, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 30-50% without interfering with the technical design of the car. We do not consider such a simple solution as refusing to use the car - public transport runs erratically, and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to get to work without a car.

Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

1. Change your driving style

You can reduce fuel consumption due to smooth acceleration and deceleration (the principle is this: the less often you use the brake, the lower the consumption). For example, while driving, you see that 800 meters from you, the green light is going to change to red. Instead of keeping the foot on the gas, it is better to take your foot off the gas pedal and coast to the light.

2. Start to drive correctly

The engine is ready to move when the tachometer needle has dropped to 800 rpm, and the temperature sensor has risen to 50°C. For this, a maximum of five minutes is needed. Further heating the engine can already be carried out in motion. In this case, the first 3 miles should be driven no faster than 35 mph. A quick start will cause the engine to consume more fuel in order to drive out the oil thickened from the cold.

3. Change the air filter

The recommended replacement period for the air filter is about 6 thousand miles. If it is not changed, the vehicle will start to experience “oxygen starvation”. Due to the insufficient air intake, the mass air flow sensor starts working incorrectly and therefore gives incorrect commands for fuel and air ratio and more fuel is wasted.

4. Change sparkplugs at recommended intervals

Fuel consumption is increased by contaminated, poor-quality gasoline (with soot) or worn spark plugs. If the spark plug electrode is worn or the plugs have expired, then the ignition of gasoline will not occur properly. Thus, the fuel will fly into the pipe in the truest sense of the word, which means gas overruns will be provided. You can tell there’s a malfunction of the spark plugs when you hear pops and explosions in the exhaust pipe.

5. Once a month - check tire pressure

Increased fuel consumption can be lowered with proper tire pressure. Especially in winter, as due to temperature fluctuations, they deflate more and more quickly. Further, under the weight of the car, the tire becomes wider, which means that the patch of contact with the road is also increased. As a result, resistance and fuel consumption increase.

For each car, the required pressure is stated by the manufacturer in the owners manual, but not on the tire itself, as novice drivers erroneously think. Tires have the maximum pressure that is permissible only in summer. It is absolutely unacceptable to pump tires up to such indicators in the winter period - during cold weather your car will become uncontrollable.

6. Ride for a truck or bus

It's about driving on the highway when the wind resistance is high. When driving after a truck or a large bus, it decreases - the machine in front of it comes out as a shield. Thus, your car's engine needs less fuel to resist the wind and develop the necessary speed.

7. Get fuel-efficient tires

Economical tires are made of rubber, which does not bend under the weight of the car and better holds the pressure in them. It means that the patch of contact with the road does not increase and, as a result, resistance too. In addition, this rubber does not congeal at sub-zero temperatures, which reduces slip and the risk of accidents. Many car leasing services have such an option as a car with fuel-efficient tires.

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