Courses to Get Ahead in the IT World

This article is an overview of courses that are good for those that want to pursue a career in the IT field.
- TrainACE, April 17th, 2013

Published April 17th, 2013

Courses to Get Ahead in the IT World

The world of information technology, or IT, concerns the management of large amounts of data by utilizing computer hardware and software. Some organizations refer to the business of IT conducted within their company as IS, (Information Services) or MIS (Management Information Services). Regardless of how it is referred to, information technology requires the services of individuals who possess comprehensive knowledge in respect to processing, storing, protecting and transmitting classified data using a variety of operating systems, telecommunication devices and computer networks.

Certain courses are essential to people working in the IT world if they want to stay ahead of the rapid advances constantly being made in the industry. These courses include:

Information Systems Design

Information System Design provides instruction for designing and implementing a system that efficiently and securely manages information manipulation using practical, flexible and cost-effective methods. Topics covered in this course involve the physical design (working system, software) and the logical design (output/input, procedures, database, and files). Data flow methodologies are also explored when discussing structured design by implementing a structure chart. Methods are intended to decompose and compartmentalize information systems to facilitate data manageability.

Systems Administration

Systems Administration is necessary to understanding the operation of mainframe servers, how to install patches and software, database maintenance, problem resolution and executing systems recovery and backup. Additionally, systems administration instruction will also include server upgrading, server security and scripting programs to facilitate automation of specific functions performed by the system.

Cyber Security

With tech-savvy hackers rapidly developing skills and techniques capable of compromising even the most secure databases, IT specialists need to consistently remain informed about the latest advances in cyber security. Courses on cyber security provide in-depth information concerning techniques and tools to enhance software security (testing of code analyses, software evaluation and certification, detection of anomalies and vulnerability searches); computer forensics; risk management; application logging and cyberevidence.


Information technology specialists also need to understand all facets of networking, or the construction and implementation of a network along with its various components (switches, hubs, cabling, bridges, and routers). Networking also involves the preference and utilization of computer software and telecommunication protocol for moderating the network. Additionally, a networking course will provide instruction regarding the establishment of procedures and regulations associated with the network.

Artificial Intelligence

A highly technical and cutting-edge aspect of the IT world, artificial intelligence deals with the engineering and science of creating intelligent programs for computers and robots. Applications employing AI algorithms include machines that play games, speech recognition software (important to cyber security) and heuristic classification. Information technology specialists who need to know something about AI should have excellent math and logic skills as well as knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Prolog and Lisp.

Additional courses that may help those in the IT field include cloud computing, data mining and biometrics, all areas of the IT industry that are rapidly rising in importance and relevance. TrainACE Cisco training Virginia offers many of these classes plus other course that will help to get ahead in the IT world.

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