Benefits of Flood Lamps

An overview of the many benefits of flood lamps to both residential and commercial proprieties.
- , June 14th, 2013

Published June 14th, 2013

Benefits of Flood Lamps

Flood lamps (also known as flood lights) are often found in warehouses, parking lots, and commercial spaces, and are a mainstay in areas that receive a lot of public foot traffic. They can also be useful in residential spaces for a number of reasons:


Many people find that the light emitted from halogen flood lamps gives off a more natural white light than incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for illuminating the landscape and architecture of a property. The scope of these lights are also broader (hence the name "flood"), which allows flood lamps to cover a greater area.

Real estate appraisers have suggested that good outdoor lighting can add value to a home, and it is especially useful in highlighting your property at night if you are trying to sell.

Safety and Security

Flood lamps help prevent accidents around the home by illuminating walkways, staircases, and other areas where tripping or slipping can occur, and motion-detection technology can be a convenient addition to a lighting scheme in areas where a light switch is not easily accessible.

Since these lamps are so bright, they can also help deter criminal activity and loitering, since criminals are less likely to hang around an area in which they know they can be seen. When setting up outdoor flood lamps, however, a compromise must be made between safety and security: Although bright lighting can prevent tripping and deter crime, a light that is too glaring can negate any possible benefits. Take into consideration the angle in which the light is pointing and the amount of light needed for a particular area.

Opting for LED (Light-Emitting Diode) flood lamps can add even more safety benefits to a home, since they generate no heat (reducing the risk of fire or shock) and contain no mercury or lead. LEDs also last longer than incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps, and will not simply go dark when they need to be replaced—they slowly fade toward the end of their life.


Flood lamps can also be beneficial to your wallet. People often forget to turn off their outdoor lights when they leave for work, errands, or vacation, but customizable systems can be installed in a home to automatically turn on your lighting at dusk, and shut it off at dawn, cutting the energy bill and eliminating hassle. And if you don't want to change your timers with every change of the season, there are more advanced systems that respond automatically to sunrise and sunset.

A lot more money can be saved by installing LED flood lamps. LEDs are by far the most energy-efficient choice for outdoor lighting, and although they will initially cost more than incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lamps, they eventually pay for themselves, as it is estimated that they can produce savings of around 75 to 80 percent per year.

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