5 Tips for Saving Electricity in 2013

This article will go over how to save energy in 2013 and includes things such as appliances that use too much energy, laundry usage and how all these things can save you money.
- , May 20th, 2013

Published May 20th, 2013

5 Tips for Saving Electricity in 2013

The cost of energy use for 2013 continues to skyrocket. Not only do excessive uses of energy increase the cost of your utility bills each month, but in many situations, the use of energy is damaging the environment. Although it is almost impossible to live comfortably without the use of electricity, there are several ways to reduce the amount you use. The following 5 tips will help reduce the amount of energy you use and ultimately reduce the cost of your utility bills.

Stop Energy Vampires

More than 75% of the electric used in a typical home is from electronics that are not being used. These electronics are referred to as “energy vampires” because the suck up electricity 24 hours a day, which can cost the average homeowner an additional $100 each year. The primary culprits are cable boxes, televisions and computers. Unplug all of your electronics when they are not being used or use a power strip that has a switch enabling you to turn off the power to everything plugged into the power strip. Toasters, coffee makers, hair dryers and electric razors are some of the main appliances that go unrecognized as energy vampires, so unplug each after using.

How much is Dirty Laundry Costing You?

Cleaning out the lint screen and duct for the dryer, whether it is electric or gas, can reduce the use of energy by about 30%, which amounts to approximately $25 each year. The lint screen should be cleaned after each load and the exhaust duct should be cleaned at least once per year. Whenever possible, dry clothes outside or run the dryer on a cool setting to use less energy. Washing clothes in cold water can save a tremendous amount of electricity, because the majority, about 90%, of the energy is used to heat the water. Wash full loads and it is best to use the washer either early morning or late in the evening, when there are fewer amounts of other electronics being used.

Brighten Your Home with Energy Efficient Lighting

There are a couple of different ways to save on the amount of energy used to light up your home. Changing all of the bulbs from incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs can save you almost 75% of the energy (about $35 a year) used for standard bulbs. For an even better deal you can look to buy wholesale lights that will come in bulk and therefor have a lower cost per bulb. Motion sensors are a great way to save about $100 each year in energy charges. Motion sensors are available in designs that can be turned on and off manually while others are set on a time. It is important to make sure the motion sensors you choose are compatible with CFLS.

New Appliances save Money

If you have appliances that are older than ten years, it is most likely that you are using 30% more electricity than you would with newer, energy efficient appliances. An average household spends about $2000 each year on energy bills and the major appliances primarily responsible for the cost. By replacing just your refrigerator with an energy star model, you could save more than $110 each year in electricity costs. Some states also provide tax incentives when you replace your appliances, such as hot water heaters with energy efficient models.

Changing HVAC Filters

The filter of your HVAC unit should be changed each month to prevent dust, excessive energy use and to provide a cleaner, healthier environment. If the filter on the HVAC unit is changed on a regular basis, it helps the unit work more efficiently and it can save you about $60 each year in energy costs.

If you need additional information on easy ways to save money on your energy bill, contact your local energy provider and request a free inspection or visit Most energy providers offer customers a professional inspection that includes checking windows and doors, appliances and other things that can cause a rise in your energy bill.

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