Different Lighting Options for Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is a key room in any home and the right lighting features can completely transform a kitchen from gloomy to cheerful and warm. Below are a few different lighting ideas and tips to accomplish different looks in your kitchen.
- Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., August 20th, 2013

Published August 20th, 2013

Different Lighting Options for Kitchen Upgrades

Every kitchen is the centerpiece of a home. It adds value and is one of the most important rooms come sale time. Lighting is very important in your kitchen, you do not want too much or too little. Here are six options you have when looking for ways to light up your kitchen. All of these can be either be done by you or if too advanced you may want to think about hiring a Maryland kitchen remodeling company such as Case Design/Remodeling, Inc

Get Underneath it All- Perhaps the easiest way to add a soft light to your kitchen is by adding under-cabinet lighting. There are very affordable xenon lights, that are cooler than incandescent and halogen lights that can add a friendly glow to your kitchen.

Low voltage bulbs work best. This type will illuminate the odd spots of your kitchen without emanating an over-powering amount of light. These lights can plug right into existing outlets so there will not be any additional wiring required.

Ceiling Lights- The primary way your kitchen will light up, a ceiling light is the first thing that people will notice when they walk into your kitchen. Do not get fancy when choosing this fixture, you want something that is elegant, but not over embellished. You also want a ceiling light that will stand the test of time, since it is one of the more expensive lighting options to replace and update.

Center Island Lighting- Center islands provide a great opportunity for lighting. Island provide a place to eat, play card games with friends, and a place to socialize. Some simple recessed down lights and/or decorative lighting will provide a soft ambient light that will set the right mood.

Cook top Lighting- You need to be able to see what you are cooking! When it comes to cook tops, you need task lighting, or lighting that allows you to perform a certain task. No matter what kind of lighting you choose for your cook top, you need to have lights that provide adequate but isolated lighting, as not to invade other kitchen spaces. Simple spotlights or a glowing lamp will get the job done right.

Ambient Lighting- This kind of lighting allows you to create a focal point in your kitchen. For instance, if a home has high ceilings, people will opt for spotlights that point up toward architectural feat rues of a home or kitchen. Another more simple example of this kind of lighting would be a chandelier or table lamp.

Don't Get Fancy- No matter what lighting option you choose, don't overdo it by mixing and matching different light fixtures. Make sure you buy replacement lights that match the current decor and light setup.

No matter what lighting options you decide to use for your home, be sure to keep you goals in mind. If you are looking to decorate the home that you will be living in for the next 30 years, then feel free to leave your personal imprint. If, however, your goal is to add value to your home come sales time, be sure to stick with the basics and refrain from too much artistic expression.

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