Content is King in Marketing

The largest factor in SEO or search engine optimization is content... Even with the largest marketing budget, launching a site without unique and engaging content will likely fail.
- PKP Marketing Consulting LLC, July 27th, 2011

Published July 27th, 2011

Content is King in Marketing

Content is King

Search Engine Optimization Rules the Internet

By: Patrick Phenix

It's very likely that you have already heard the phrase, "Content is King". For any that are in marketing, we know, revere, and often times fear these three words. They have the power to unlock the mysteries of a business or conceal it in the darkness of the internet. So how does this affect you and your business.

Search engines and people ideally have the same goal. To find relevant and timely information, as quickly as possible. The value of the content is based off many different factors and often differ from one search engine to the next, but a good search engine optimization marketing platform can overcome this issue. Since there are so many factors that affect search engine ranking, we will look at three of the biggest factors: keyword relevance, backlinks, and website history.

Keyword relevance is likely the best known of the three. Sadly, the extents and reasoning of it's importance is still a mystery to many. Keyword relevance primarily deals with how well the content of your website relates to the search terms or phrases that an Online user may choose. This overly simplified rational has led many novice marketers into keyword stuffing or the excessive placement of a particular keyword into a web page in order to receive better rankings in the search engines. Needless to say, this does not work. There are many cheat proof measures applied by the search engine to ensure the quality of the results they produce. To positively boost your keyword relevance, you should have a domain name with at least part of the keyword phrase you hope to use, make sure that the keyword is used throughout the website but specifically in headers, and include the keywords in the page titles. Just like in the housing markets, certain areas of your web page are higher value pieces of real estate and having your keywords there will help you more so than the same keyword being elsewhere. Also, it is a good ideal to have multiple domain names. A good Online marketing company should be able to help suggest domain names for you and reasons for acquiring such names. These reasons may include additional search engine optimization or brand protection.

Backlinks are a little talked about goldmine in search engine optimization. There are over a trillion web pages on the internet. That was Trillion with a "T". There's also 10 of billions of websites online. So what separates the really great websites from the ones you don't know about... In reality, this is the exact situation that is faced. Either you know of a website or you don't. Outside of the general phrase of great Online marketing, a more particular reasoning is backlinks. Backlinks are nothing more than links on other websites, that point back to your own. These backlinks can come from social networks, articles, blogs, or other informational or commercial websites. You probably already guessed it; all backlinks are not created equally. In fact, backlinks are often times rated in quality by how popular the source of the backlinks is. Ex. Creating multiple new websites and linking them to each other will do little to no good for your business. Similarly, receiving backlinks from websites that do not have any relevance to your keywords or industry also does little good for your website ranking in the search engines. In some cases, certain backlinks have actually proven to hurt a company's search engine optimization pushing them further from the top of the search engines.

Website history is far from the ancient history taught to you in class. Your focus here is growth and progress. It is better to launch a website at 10 pages and grow it to 50 pages than start on day one at 50 pages and leave it stagnate. Continuous growth of websites boost their ranking tremendously. You will often notice blogs showing high in search results for this very reason. However, old history is also a plus. Stability in the marketplace is always desirable. People want a source that has been around for a while and will be there for them in the future. Search engines therefore look for this as well. Writing articles, newsletters, or press releases are great ways to add new content and pages to your website. It's very simple to do as well. When you are active, there's always something more to say about your business. Break out of the norm and dive into new profits and revenue streams.

Search engine marketing is a proverbial "Catch 22". There is no set book of rules that one can master to always win. It takes careful research of data, comparison of what competitors are doing, and some trial and error. Marketing itself, while a science, is far from being a perfect science. The more informed you are and your Online Marketing consultant are, the better your chances for success are. Remember, you are but 1 website in a sea of billions of others. Many millions in your same niche fighting for the same customers. The value of your content and the weight of the words used will determine if you are making the sales or alone the other 90% of businesses online that fail because of inadequate and/or poor marketing. In short form, this is why content is king in the world of Online Marketing.

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