How Conversing Over The Phone While Driving Triggers Accidents?

It is a fact that several fatal accidents have occurred as a result of talking over the phone and driving at the same time. At The Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, P.C. the legal team delivers attentive service for clients to receive maximum benefits.
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Published November 10th, 2011

How Conversing Over The Phone While Driving Triggers Accidents?

The use of a cell phone while driving is highly debated topic for discussion all over the world. Conversing over the cell and driving is almost synonymous with drinking and driving. Basically driving requires a huge amount of focus on the road especially on high speed roads where a small mistake can cost your life. A few tips or rules for safe driving will enlighten you on the fact that driving is a very serious business:

1.Stick to the rules that you have learned and with which you passed your driving test. If you stay this way and you'll stay alive! So will your passengers and others on the road.
2.Though your quick reactions might not always stop you having an accident, spotting and reacting to problems ahead in plenty of time will.
3.Drive in a way that suits your ability and the traffic conditions. Do not drive fast if you are not comfortable with that.
4.Ensure that you have plenty of sleep, particularly before making a big journey and take plenty of rest breaks to restore your alertness. Lack of sleep might make you drowsy and will slow down your reaction pace.
5.Fiddling with the radio or a cd player while driving can be distracting, also playing your sound system too loud can make you deaf to emergency vehicle’s sirens.
6.You may keep your eyes moving but don’t turn your head away from the road ahead when talking to any of your passengers.
7.Keep space from aggressive drivers. Don't get involved in road -rage.
8.Be visible and flash your lights or honk if you feel any other car is losing sight of you.
9.Use the foot controls very gently and tactfully if you're driving on a slippery or loose surface
10.Drinking alcohol or taking drugs before driving is a definite `No', as you get drowsy, hallucinate, and fail to react fast, become indecisive after consumption of drugs or alcohol.
11.Drive defensively and do not expect other drivers to follow traffic rules.
12.Give cars room to merge ahead of you.
13.Avoid insisting on your right-of-way if another driver is challenging you.
14.Be alert to those drivers who are applying makeup, conversing on car phones, reading, eating or otherwise not paying attention to driving.
15.Try not to block the passing lane.
16.Don’t ever switch lanes without signaling.
17.Don’t block the right-hand turn lane.

So, from the above points you can see how serious the whole matter of driving is. Under such a scenario how wise is to talk over the phone while driving when you have to take care of so many things? It is nothing but an open invitation to traumatic and at times fatal accidents. Every year several people all over the world die in accidents triggered by cell phone use. Although, banning cell phone use while driving might have worked for some states, many people ignore the ban.

Just using a cell phone during an accident is not evidence of liability in all authority. Some cases that will be considered unsafe while driving by any Chicago accident lawyer are: One hand driving, taking your eyes off the road to dial or pick up a cell phone, getting distracted from surroundings because of your own or a passenger's cell use, being distracted by an emotional call. Proving that a defendant acted in any of these ways is a good first step in proving liability.

While cell phones play a vital role in our society, we end up paying a very high price for the convenience that they offer.

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