Benefits of a Magnet Fundraiser

The many benefits of having a car magnet fundraiser event including the products versatility, variety and visibility.
- , May 20th, 2013

Published May 20th, 2013

Benefits of a Magnet Fundraiser

Fundraisers need to fit the purpose of the group sponsoring them as well as be able to bring in a substantial amount of funds. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to accomplish both is to have a magnet fundraiser. Not only do the magnets serve an actual purpose, they also can provide information about the organization or group sponsoring the fundraiser. They are inexpensive, especially when purchased in large quantities and, in some cases, can be sold for several months to raise a fairly large amount of money.

Unique Shapes

The great thing about car magnets - is they can be cut into almost any shape the organization wants. Footballs, cars, trucks, picture frames, the options are endless. The unique shape will make them stand out and catch the eye of the person who is walking by, drawing their attention to what is printed on the magnet. They also make excellent advertising tools as well. Schools can sell them in the shape of their mascot or any other logo they choose to represent the school.

Always Visible

Because they stick to anything metal, they are almost always visible. On refrigerators or filing cabinets, no matter where you put them, someone will eventually see them. Calendar magnets are large enough for most people to view no matter where they are placed. Other magnets catch the eye of the passerby because of their unique shape or coloring. They can even be used on metal doors to hold notes letting customers know if they are out of the office and when they will return.


Magnets are extremely versatile. Small ribbons can be placed on automobiles. They withstand various types of weather, including snow and rain and won't lose their color if they spend extended amounts of time in the sunshine. Placed on refrigerators they can hold notes or a child's drawings. On filing cabinets, they can be used to hold memos, schedule changes or pictures of the employee's children.

It's safe to say they can be used anywhere there is a metal surface. We all use them. Some have a specific purpose and others we use just because we like the way they look. Magnets offer versatility and can be used whenever or wherever they will attach.

Serves a Purpose

Most importantly, magnets serve a purpose. In fact, they can serve several purposes at once. They are quite useful just as they are holding things in place so we don't lose them. They also contain important information. Magnets sold by the school may include a calendar or a list of phone numbers for the school and a list of people to contact for certain information. Athletic organizations may put the team's calendar on the front along with a list of players.

Lastly, they offer excellent income opportunities to organizations who choose to sell them. Large quantity orders can be inexpensive, even if it is a "first run". Second orders are often times even less expensive because the company doesn't have to redesign the logo a second time.

Magnets can be one of the most effective fundraisers if the right plan is in place. Using the right theme and the right design can make them hits right from the start. Many people will often come back to see if there are any left. Some businesses will purchase them to give away to their customers as a small token of appreciation. In this case, both groups win. The organization because of the fundraiser and the business because they are able to help the community as well as advertise itself in a unique way. This is an effective way of introducing two entities to new residents of the community. The versatility and convenience of magnets is limited only by the imagination of the people in charge of the fundraiser. Be creative and make your magnets stand out.


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