Fundraising Ideas & Tips for Non-Profits

Tips and ideas to help get any non-profit fundraising event going including the basics as well as types of fundraisers.
- , April 25th, 2013

Published April 25th, 2013

Fundraising Ideas & Tips for Non-Profits

As a non-profit, your goal is to raise money. Spending a lot of money on marketing does not always make sense and, in nearly all situations, it just is not possible. Your cause is a good one. It is one you know people will respond to if they simply learn about it. What can you do, then, to bring in some donations without breaking the bank?

The Best Fundraising Ideas

Consider the following fundraising ideas. Any of these (or even all of them) can be exactly what you need to finally get the results you need. Consider using them on a regular basis too.

  • Host a 50/50 raffle. Solicit for donations of items to be raffled off and then interact with your local community to advertise the program. The non-profit collects the fees to enter the drawing.
  • Use a quality made custom car magnet as a way to draw in donations on a regular basis. Inexpensive and long lasting, this is the ideal way to get attention to your non-profit.
  • Host an event. It is not inexpensive to host a special event, but depending on your cause, you will find local providers willing to donate things like the location (think hotels, community centers, and churches) as well as the food (consider catering companies) and the music (DJs or bands.)
  • Get an app. If your non-profit organization does not have a website to educate people or an app to allow individuals to connect with you, you are missing out. Most people today donate online. To do that, they need a fast and simple way to get to your site.
  • Use social media. Create a free Youtube.com view and show the real need you have. Use social media marketing methods to launch your video and to gain attention to your cause. Social media is cheap and pros will donate time to a good cause, too.
  • Host a city-wide garage sale. Those bringing items receive a tax write off for donating to the garage sale and the non-profit keeps the funds raised.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Expand on them to find the best overall option for your organization.

Fundraising Musts - Don't Forget the Basics

You may be looking at the list above and wondering how you can really make a difference. No matter what you are doing, if you do not get the attention you need, things will go wrong. Keep the following in mind.

  • Look for those people or organizations most likely touched by your cause and play to them. For example, young families are often best for children's fundraising and non-profits. If the cause relating to a specific religious belief, seek out church support.
  • Always know what is and is not allowed in your town. To know this, visit the local city hall to inquire directly. Ask for leads for individuals to connect with you.
  • Focus on the local community. Research indicates that even very large non-profit organizations benefit from localized marketing. Small scale programs are most effective overall.

You can raise the funds you need. To do so, you simply have to get involved with the right people and make the right statement.

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