Wrestling Uniforms Made in U.S. vs. Overseas

An explanation of the difference between wrestling uniforms made in the United States verses those made overseas.
- , June 27th, 2013

Published June 27th, 2013

Wrestling Uniforms Made in U.S. vs. Overseas

Whether you wrestle for fun or competition, your wrestling uniform can make a difference in the level of your performance. A comfortable, well-made uniform will enable you to move about with greater agility and speed. In contrast, an uncomfortable, ill-fitting uniform can restrict your movements which will, in turn, detract from your wrestling skills.

When it comes to wrestling uniforms, quality is key. A comparison between American made wrestling uniforms and those made abroad reveals a marked difference in the standard of manufacturing this clothing. In addition to a higher standard in production, you can obtain other benefits from purchasing American made uniforms that are not available when you choose to order uniforms from abroad. The following offers greater insight into the differences between wrestling uniforms made in the U.S. vs. the same products made overseas.

Better Quality

Two aspects go into the making of quality wrestling uniforms: quality materials and quality craftsmanship. If either of these aspects is missing, you will receive an inferior product. American wrestling uniforms are made of high quality breathable poly-lycra fabric that is strong enough to provide long lasting usage, yet soft and flexible enough to permit quick and easy movement. U.S. manufacturers produce uniforms that are adjustable for all ages and sizes, customizing certain aspects of the outfits for better fitting.

Because working conditions for U.S. manufacturing facilities adhere to labor standards set by the U.S. government, company employees work under good conditions, are paid decent wages and adhere to a reasonable work schedule. As a result, they are able to produce quality products that are longer lasting and of higher craftsmanship.

In contrast, sports uniforms that are manufactured overseas are often made of inferior fabrics by individuals who work long, hard hours under substandard working conditions for substandard pay. You can learn more about that here. Some of these laborers are children with little training or experience in the clothing industry. Products that are manufactured under these circumstances cannot help but be of inferior quality as compared to American made products.

Greater Variety in Creativity and Design

American sports clothing manufacturers also offer greater options for design, which enables you to customize your wrestling uniforms as you desire. Your sports team or club can personalize their Cisco custom wrestling singlets, T-shirts and jerseys through screen printing, digital printing, heat transfer printing, embroidery, etc.by adding numbers, names, pictures of mascots, logos and more. Wrestling uniforms that are manufactured overseas do not offer such personalized options.

Flexibility in Ordering

When you order wrestling uniforms from American manufacturers, you have greater flexibility in the quantity of uniforms you order. Many manufacturers allow you to order as little or as many uniforms as you choose without penalizing you with extra charges. Purchasing your products online is fast and simple, and delivery times are shorter than if you were to order from overseas.

Taking these factors into consideration, there is greater benefit to purchasing American made wrestling uniforms and enjoying a higher quality product.


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