The Making of an Integrated Website

PKP Marketing Consulting is forging the way for Integrated Websites but what exactly are they and how could they help you grow your business?
- PKP Marketing Consulting LLC/ Patrick Phenix, July 19th, 2012

Published July 19th, 2012

The Making of an Integrated Website

So what makes an Integrated Website, well, integrated of course?  It seems a lot of us would like to know the answer to that question these days. Apparently there isn't a formal definition to the catchy term as a current wiki page doesn't exist, yet thousands are searching for it on a monthly basis. So what do people mean by an integrated website? Is it a misinterpretation or has the market just continuously failed to deliver in the cycle of supply and demand of web design?

Here at PKP Marketing Consulting LLC, we have defined an Integrated Website as the systematic integration of business management, marketing automation, and Functional Web Design that drives user interaction, continued engagement, furthers social reach, deepens market penetration, and promotes organic brand growth with the website being the front end/prospecting metric of the sales funnel. Obviously being search engine friendly is part of being a functional web design. You must have a functional web design that is able to hold its own position and complete its own tasks with minimal micro-management. So, to begin with a functional web design to achieve your integrated website goals, you must first find a website design software that is scalable, intuitive, and Within Your Budget!  Well it's difficult but not impossible to find because we've built the solution..

So here are the basics of a functional web design.  It must:

  • Have a Goal Oriented Website Architecture
  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Control Data Flow and Business Intelligence
  • Deepen User Engagement
  • Introduce and/or increase Marketing Automation
  • Increase Lifetime Value of the Customer

Those are the very basics, depending on your industry, you will need your integrated website system to perform in different ways to optimize your workflow and your business.  Ideally everyone wants to reduce wasted time and effort to increase ROI.  For a manufacturer this may include incorporating their Point-of-Sale Software into their website and accounting software so each order is automatically credited to the books; the order receipts are sent to the proper distribution departments who receives the requests, packs the boxes, prints the shipping labels, loads the trucks, and sends out the products; and double orders are reduced because each order is given a unique order identification code and with fewer people yelling out orders, more people are working smarter.

In a restaurant a truly integrated website would work similarly by allowing orders to be taken online, a database driven special of the day, and daily emails prior to lunch to try to pull more hungry dollars through your business doors than the local drive through.  

When people hear websites they often think that they are just online, however, an integrated website is well, integrated.  It can be as much a part of the offline world with QRcodes, print media, and check in deals as it is online.  However, once a person reaches your website, you want to make sure you are able to convert them into a customer.  That's where the strategic marketing planning of a functional website design really shines. We have spent the last year perfecting our Integrated Website Platform to make it both easy to use and easy to afford.  With websites starting at just $1,000 with built in 90 day financing ( a whopping 60% discount off retail pricing to support our goals of helping 100 new small businesses ) and expert consulting and designing behind it to propel your success, shouldn't your website be an integrated website?

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About the Author

Patrick Phenix. Strategic Alliance Manager of PKP Marketing Consulting LLC

I am the founder and currently the Strategic Alliance Manager here with PKP Marketing Consulting LLC.  For years my greatest struggle between website development, design, and consulting was the ultimate comprimise between flexibility and structure. Every platform out there either gave you so much struture that you felt that you were powerless and inprisoned or gave you so much flexibility it was like floating in limbo.  In founding this company, I wanted to not just be another website company or marketing company, but to actually become a solution provider.  So in summary, our consultants don't only answer questions with the words, "Yes, we have a product or service that will solve that problem for you." Sometimes and often we say no.  We speak honestly.  We developed a website platform that an experienced developer could build on and completely make their own with near unlimited flexibility and a newbie could come to and consult us or have us build it in the most structured and safe environment anyone could ask for.  Instead of looking for a solution I look for the materials to build the solution; that is where the entire integration movement came from.